Hi, i'm Alexandre Marquez

Fullstack Developer

I am a software engineer who enjoys designing solutions for different clients, with an emphasis on the backend since 2 years, and on the frontend with almost 2 years of experience, providing new solutions to solve specific problems. Graduated as an Electronic Engineer from Universidad de Falcon in Venezuela.

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Leberp Core Spain S.L

Backend Developer / Actual

Development of new features for the main product of the company. Management of servers and databases.

Besser Solutions C.A

Fullstack Developer / 1y 6m

Development of internal tools, and web applications for the company. Management of servers and databases. Scripting with bash and python. Deployment of docker containers and network monitors.



  • Express
  • NodeJS
  • .NET
  • Linux
  • SQL Server / MySql / PostgreSQL
  • Redis


  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • C#
  • Python


  • ReactJS
  • NextJS

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I am a software developer with experience in areas such as backend, frontend and process automation with Git Hooks and scripting on servers and network equipment (switches and routers, especially from Mikrotik). My main skills are related to the backend, as administrator of linux-based servers, SQL databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL), and API development with NodeJS and .NET. But I also have experience in the frontend, with ReactJS and NextJS, using tailwindcss for interface design. Aspiring mobile developer with React Native and Pentester.


  • Software Development
  • Server maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Scripting


Project 1

Smart Traffic Lights

Implementation of a smart traffic light using object detection with Firefly RK3566 and ESP32

Project 1

Besser 97.5FM Website

Website for a local radio station in Venezuela, built with Next.js and tailwindcss.

Project 1

Weather App

An simple weather app built with React Native, using expo and consuming the OpenWeather API.

React NativeExpo